so simple even an economist can understand:

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Good Cartoon, essay.

So if the lower U.S. "dollar" is causing all this high priced gasoline...  Then why isn't the lower U.S. "dollar" affecting U.S. nat gas prices in the same scenario????

Our European friends have always paid high prices for gas at the pump, while U.S. has always enjoyed cheap gas:

The Euro is higher than the U.S. dollar... 

I know E.U. ties more taxes to gasoline, but come on... Aren't We just spoiled. IMHO

DrWAVeSport Cd 1 3/8/2012

U.S. just has had a nice ride....  And, now it's over...

short answer is there are no significant outlets to the world markets for natural gas so it is basically an isolated, stranded domestic market only priced in usd.  that's changing though.

i remember seeing prices at the pump in germany on my first trip to europe, and the conversation went something like this:

me: "hey those prices aren't that much higher than what we pay...."

travel companion: "yeah too bad that is the price per liter."

me: "oh."

of course that was well over a decade ago, it's probably even worse now.

also, in general, i'm still a bit more optimistic for the medium/long term in the good ol u.s. of a. ;)


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