Anyone have any info on CCI East Teas Up Stream. I have not a check in 3 months.

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We also stopped getting checks from them.  They said they had over paid us and were withholding payments until we had paid back  the overpayments.  The discussion is here.  

I have what you could say is not a dissimilar problem regarding a Rusk County well operated by TGNR. I inherited mineral rights to the well from my dad in '08, received royalties for about a year from another operator, then they just stopped. The operator said it had been plugged and abandoned, yet through Mineral IQ I recently learned it has been continually producing. Now jumping through hoops of providing requested Probate-related documents to prove ownership. Yet, TGNR already pays me royalties on two other Rusk County wells also inherited from Dad under the same succession. We're not talking about a huge amount of money (which is why I let it go), it's about the principle of the thing. Just sharing.  


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