Curious to see if I'm the only RO here that can't access CHK's website to see their 01/2019 check detail #'s?

Each month & year up to 12/2018 is visible & CHK's DD funds have cleared my bank for the 1/2019 check but no joy when attempting to see January's check details, am I the only one w/ this issue?

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I can get to the website, but no check detail for January - Funds were also DD and have cleared.  This happened last month also.  It was several days after the first when December's detail finally appeared but funds were deposited before the last day of the month.

Thx. for the reply Full Name & glad it's not just me. I say that b/c I had a sim. issue from Jan thru Mar. 2016 but that issue was due to CHK placing my account in suspense b/c it had a negative balance after they started w/ holding monthly run revenue due to their *infamous* incorrect surveys from early in the play.

I had never been in suspense before & learned after speaking w/ them that you cannot view your monthly check details for those months on-line as long as you're in suspense, unless you contact them to have those month's #'s emailed or snail mailed to you, who knew?

FWIW still no joy this AM but given my prior experiences w/ CHK's suspense I'm a tad gun shy so to speak, even more so b/c it's CHK we're discussing here.

I understand.  CHK "found" a small sliver of land in the adjacent section where the well was drilled when they did the survey corrections (several years later).  I still can not figure out why this land was not included in survey for the lease for the correct section.  So that makes me the proud unleased well owner of a one acre. 

When they deposit the funds in your account they know what the details are.  You would think they could post them for you.

This > " When they deposit the funds in your account they know what the details are.  You would think they could post them for you. " speaks volumes IMO but perhaps w/ their large layoffs over the years they truly are short staffed, WTH knows as it is CHK once again so .......

As of 1630 Sat the 2nd I still can't see any check details so would you or any other RO's here post when they can see theirs?

They posted the details sometime today.  Interestingly as an unleased owner CHK also takes out additional costs not reflected in the posting but removed from the deposit.  This information comes by mail (they can not post on line -- go figure).  The letter was postmarked 1/31/19.

Thx for the heads up Full Name but I'm still surprised that it took until the 5th for CHK to get the check details posted.

FWIW a mea culpa on my part as the thread title was misleading but I missed the edit window to correct that on Feb 1.

Thx again for your feedback & followup.


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