Columbia Co., AR- Purchase Offers on Dorcheat Units from Southwest Petroleum

Anyone getting generous offers to buy your royalty interest in Columbia co., AR.  Various sections, T18S   R  22W. 

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Recently got a very large $ offer for mineral purchase in Section 4, Township 20 South, Range 20 West, Columbia County.  Also a couple of small offers in the last few days one was in T16S-R21W.  Sounds like landmen are active again in Columbia County. 

Suggest that you swing by the court house and take a look at the Clerk's Day Book to see if there is any recent activity associated with the offers.  Generally speaking offers to purchase royalty or mineral rights do not come from landmen.  However if landmen are recording new leases in the public record that could account for the recent offers.

As I live in Centra Louisiana a trip to Arkansas at this time is not in my plans.  It would be nice to know if there is a lot of landman activity at the Clerk's office.  Offers have come from Buyer of oil, gas and brine interest and a Abstract & Title  Company both located in Arkansas.  One was from a Texas company that is named Southwest Petroleum Company, L.P. All these offers have been made in June and July of this year.  I have leased a large number of acres to TRIAD in two seperate leases, one which has expired and one that remains in effect all in Columbia County.       

chattykb may be able to go by the courthouse and post the findings here.  As to Southwest Petroleum, read this and then throw the letter in the trash.  Southwest is associated with Cobra.

Two possible reasons other than new leasing come to mind.  There is a small play opportunity not associated with the LSBD, the brine offer for example, or the companies have done little due diligence and are unaware that leases are expiring and the Brown Dense is in limbo.  That would be par for the course for companies like Cobra and Southwest.

Thanks Skip --- As to selling minerals I have a hard fast rule that I will not sell mineral or royalty rights no matter what the offer.  But that's just me...

Skip is right. Garbage!! Thousands of solicitations have been mailed and some people don't realize that it is an offer to sell all of their AR minerals they own. Please tell anyone you know to throw that in the trash.

So, how can I know if anyone is interested in Section 21 and 22, Township 15S, Range 20W? Or how can I let someone know I would like to lease. It seems like everything is south of where I am... It was leased years ago before it was left to me and I have no idea what I'm doing.

norma, energy companies don't wait for land owners to call offering a lease.  They choose an area based on their experience and then they find the owners of the minerals they wish to explore.  As you have been leased previously I suspect that the county records clearly show your ownership of the lands in question.  You can learn to use the AR Oil & Gas Board's database. You can follow GHS and make friends with those who own minerals in your general locality.  Beyond that there is really nothing that you should do.


What is the best offer they have given you?


What does that come to per acre?


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