Has anyone that receives monthly checks from Crimson Exploration Operating, Inc. gotten their checks for this month yet?  Have you heard anything that may be going on with them now. I'm talking about the Gobi Well in San Augustine, Texas. This is where we have been getting ours from for over a year now, but I haven'r received anything this month so far. Just wondering if anyone else knows any kind of information that may help me. Thank You so much!

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This may or not be relevant to you....  Some companies will not pay you monthly once your check gets below a certain amount.  For example, CHK doesn't pay you monthly, if your monthly amount is under $100.  They just hold off on paying you until the cumulative amount hits $100.   With choked-back wells and low gas prices, this may be what is happening.

Martha, I recieved my check from Crimson Exp. this month, for the Gobi well.  I think it came Wed.  My cousins have got their checks for this month, also.

I knew about Chk's $100 limit, but for the last 2 months my checks were both under $100 and seems they figured this out this month since I didn't receive a check.

Chk will pay upon request if balance is $25 or more. Call them or check your Division  order if intrested.

I  understand  Crimson has left the building.

What do you mean by that excactly?

I would like to know what that means also.  Is the Gobi choked down alot, until gas prices go up, or is it just  not a good well?


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