Marathon updated its presentation with the flow rate of the Crowell well.

1,200 bbls of oil per day of oil and ~9 MMcf of gas on a restricted choke (code for the well could flow much higher) and the well is still cleaning up. Pressure at the wellhead is a staggering 8,000 psi. 

Link to presentation

page20: file:///C:/Users/mattq/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/Downloads/4Q19_Earnings%20Presentation%20(3).pdf

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Jay, you are spot on with your last email.

Thanks Diamond Jim & Jay!   Sounds like some good news.   Sounds as if the new technology is working better than old in the mid-90's.   Also some of the wells that are more to west & north west, across HWY 165 had good or better numbers before & seem to produce longer.   Now some of them were reworked it looks like.   Now to see how 252119 does in the same area and how 251932 does in Sugartown/Vernon area, seeing how they are sharing the same rig.  Also where they permit next.   Question, is it normal for them to drill on what seems to be the very edge of the Masters Creek & West Cheneyville Fields?   Either way great news for the area & Marathon.

Jim, Is this presentation on there website, I could not pull up the link?   Not sure why.

Yes, on Marathon's website under the Investor section - 4Q Earnings presentation 


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