I recently received a lease offer on some Shelby County land I hold the mineral rights to and was disappointed in the initial offer of $300/Acre and a 1/6 share. Has anyone heard of other offers that are better? It is in the Carson-Neva Survey area.

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We were offered $1750 per acre & 25% (Haynesville rights only) - January 9, 2009.

1 year lease, no extension clause.

Land was in Desoto Parish.
at least with a one year lease you can probally bet they are ready to drill.
who with? how many acres,section, township and range if you don't mind?
Actually, I misspelled the Survey, It is the E. Carzenava survey. Sorry for the confusion. Anyone have anything lately in this area ins Shelby County?
Jim Krow:

Thanks so much for the info. I hope your projections are correct as they would be a major upgrade from the initial offer. Any word on the progress on the Epps#1 drilling? Thanks again.

John Garner
John- just surfing through...did you ever get anymore info on this well? We have a discussion for this well in the Shelby County group. Thanks!
25 Acres (1/2 interest in 50 acres, actually), Burk Royalty. Any ideas on the current lease market?

John Garner
MD Wright
You are MD Wrong to be soliciting on this site without proper renumeration.
Shelby County royalty rates are all over the place. Most companies initial offers are between $200 - $500 an acre, which in my opinion grossly undervalues the minerals.

As for royalties, 1/4 leases are commonplace in Shelby County.

The reality is that many big players are active, not just interested, in Shelby County. Other than Petrohawk, I don't think any of the operators have announced that they are drilling Haynesville wells in Shelby County but they are. Take Devon's Case #3, put on-line in October 2008. This well produced over 600,000 mcf of gas in its first full month of production... That's Haynesville type production, not Cotton Valley. Even with natural gas prices low, Haynesville wells are monsters.
600,000mcf of gas the first month not that good sounds like a cotton valley to me
Your not looking at the figures correctly.
At $5 an MCF, that's $3,000,000 worth of production.


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