Just wondering what is being offered in SA as of the first week of December? I have confirmed offer of $5000.00 w/22.5% around the Goodwin school.

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What Company? Devon is leasing the Pine Acres Sub-Division on the West side of town for $1,000.00 an acre, 25% royalty, Pugh Clause, and no additional cost to the owners, except the usual taxes( for 3yrs. and 2 yr. option at the same price).
Where is the Goodwin school located?
The old Goodwin school is about 200 yds from where Encana' s permitted to drill a well off FM1277. I got an email today from Devon inquiring about our property at the FM705 & 103 intersection. Things seem to be heating up again! FYI, I'm a Cheerleader fan ..... Motherload, baby, Motherload!!!
farmbrad, have you been by that Encana location lately? Someone reported last week that they have a rig (Rowan #86) on site but haven't heard that they spud the well yet.
No, I'm not going up till Christmas. My aunt called yesterday & ask if we'd got our SA Tribune 'cause the Encana drill site was front page. I assumed the rig must be there but I'm not sure...
Great MOTHERLOAD cheer!!!
Lot of activity down 705.
What kind of activity...leasing...seismic??
Who offered that? We signed for $1000.00 and Devon was offering $500.00.
If EnCana was leasing last summer for $5000 in the southern part of SA why is anyone considering $1000??
San Augustine is the Heart of the Haynesville.
CL, this close to a new year and a new budget, I don't think I could seriously consider offers made this week (unless they were really good, of course). 2009 budgets were set at the depths of the recession last Dec./Jan., although I'm sure they get reviewed, and possibly revised, quarterly. I'm just inclined to wait and see what comes out for 2010. If you've waited a year for an offer why would you get in a hurry now?


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