Just wondering what is being offered in SA as of the first week of December? I have confirmed offer of $5000.00 w/22.5% around the Goodwin school.

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We have been talking about bonus money for 1 1/2 years. In and out of the recession and the down times of the market. Now SA has the Kardell. The SA paper is covering the Kardell and the Encana rig. Surely the good people of SA county are aware of their very fortunate position and will not compromise their mineral rights. MOTHERLOAD PEOPLE UNITE for fair bonus offers... The bonus, per acre, is easily worth $5,000-$7,500 and more if you are in the SA town area and parallel, east to west; north to the Shelby county line and across the county line east to west. When the EnCana well comes in huge, which it will, the bonus amounts will increase substantially in the western section of the county. Devon will permit a Haynesville well south of San Augustine. This will also come in as a MONSTER. and...St Mary, in the Patterson Survey...you are in Motherload country...we know you will make San Augustine proud!!
Look to the future when considering lease terms which will last for generations!! San Augustine is going to look like the Haynesville play in Louisiana in the next 1-1 1/2 years. Caddo Parrish just received $24,000 per acre. [Recently posted on this web site]
San Augustine is the heart and the MOTHER LOAD of the Haynesville. STAND UP FOR YOUR MINERAL RIGHTS AND just say "NO" to these offensive offers!!!
And there have been more than one or two very expensive wells that have been less than spectacular. I wouldn't begin to start predicting well results at this point... there is a lot of unproved territory between the Kardell and the Encana site on 1277.
That incident was most unfortunate. Regardless, the EnCana well will be huge. I am making note that, on December 9, 2009. J doubted Cheerleader's prediction.
i hope you are right, but you have no way of knowing how good a well is going to be, now one knows at this point, it's purely speculation; if it's not such a good well, they'll go in other directions.
i find the 22.5% very hard to believe, and i bet just someone, hard to deal with, had a single spot the oil co. just had to have. if others are very hard to deal with, the co. will just try and go around them. also be careful, no one expected it to end suddenly last year. lets not get too gready, remember the $50 per ac. it use to be, and now it looks like we may even get drilled on.
j, that's landman talk if I ever heard it, LOL.
No, not yours
If everyone would understand the objective of every oil and gas company is to lease for the least amount they can,so they can make more. But if the people in Louisiana can get the huge payments for $20,000-50.000 /acre for their leases,then you can too. You have better rock and more reserves. I hope we are as smart in Texas with the mother load of the gas.This is a present from God , dont give it away. Be Patient and you can enjoy going to the bank like the ones in Louisiana. Don't be ignorant.
yes, i wasn't thinking correctly yesterday (me and my fractions), the ones offering 22.5% instead of 25% probably want to sell the lease to a company that will actually drill, and keep the 2.5% difference for themselves; sorry, i mis-spoke.
What hard to believe about 25%? Frankly, I find it hard to believe that anyone is accepting less than 25%. It's pretty darn easy to go to the County Clerk's office and run a search of recent/current lease filings as they are all public records. You will then see that there are MANY current/recent leases being settled at 25% terms for those who hold on to requiring/demanding that rate.

On the other hand, you will also see quite a few more leases where the mineral owner was uninformed and/or did not due the research necessary and then went and accepted some rather poor terms at 3/16 royalty.

Point is, due your research and when you are presented less than 25% it certainly helps break that barrier by quoting back a dozen or so recent leases filed by the same opperator where they already have set precident by agreeing to those terms.
No need to worry D.G. 'cause the neighbors are all talking to one another out Hwy 103 and down FM 705. I know some of them.
I hope the neighbors are organizing and going for the gold!!!!


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