Just wondering what is being offered in SA as of the first week of December? I have confirmed offer of $5000.00 w/22.5% around the Goodwin school.

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Sue Costello,
The J Patterson survey is approximately 3-4 miles north of Devon's new Kardell well in San Augustine County. The Kardell well is about 1 mile east of San Augustine town. The Patterson Survey is almost up to the Shelby/San Augustine county lines.
St Mary is an Oil and Gas company that has been in the area almost as long as the Haynesville Shale. [just kidding no need to reply St Mary people]
Anyway, St Mary, Crimson, Southwestern oil and gas companies have been around a while and have obtained leases for minimal bonus amounts with small royalty percentages. The fact that St Mary has been here as long as the shale makes it very difficult for them to pay any decent bonus amounts. Regardless, we all wish them well in the Patterson Survey because they are in MOTHERLOAD country and we know they are going to add a fabulous well to the MOTHERLOAD list of winners!!!
Thanks, but I am still confused. There are 2 Patterson surveys, the one I am interested in is John Patterson survey in northwest San Augustine (west of 96) right on the Nac /SA county line. I see on the TRRC GIS map viewer that there is a well on that survey I was wondering if anyone knows whos' well it is?
Sue Costello,
I donot know anything about the Patterson survey on the Nac/Sa county line. Someone on this website will see your question and respond. You may want to go through the Texas Railroad Commission web site after you find out which operator has permited the well. Hopefully someone will know which well you have questions regarding and respond.
Good luck.
Thanks Cheerleader.
2 patterson surveys in San Augustine:
A-224 PATTERSON, J T--where St Mary permitted IRONOSA #1h\
A-218 John Patterson
You are in a good spot there. Look at Petrohawk or EOG Resources presentations on line and in the Nacogdoches County blog
Sue Costello
in San Augustine WARD, M survey by Patterson, T J survey at border Nac/San Augustine
On the Patterson survey I have A-218 Lot 4. What company is SWN ? In NAC we have 2 tracts in A-60, one that we have a lease on with Samson (Robert & Thomas are my brothers) and the other one G&H Assoc. wants to lease with us but we are doing more homework this time around. We didn't do our research with the Patterson, Garrett, Shofner, and Brown like we should have (with STO&G).
Sue Costello
SWN=Southwestern Energy

who is STO &G? St Mary's Oil & Gas?

who is G & H Assoc. leasing for?
STO&G = Southeast Texas Oil & Gas, out of Houston

We're not sure who G&H is leasing for, they are offering 750 bonus and 25%
Sue Costello:

If it were me I would hold out for the major players drilling in the trend. I do not know who Southeast Oil and Gas is. They have leased "spec" acreage with the hopes of selling to one of the big guys..did you find out who they are?

They are a very small company I think we are one of their first leasors and yes we believe that they are gonna sell our leases. The guy that we dealt with was/is not very friendly at all kinda a "Bully". Hind sight is 20/20, like I said we didn't do our homework, so all we can do now is make sure we know who we are dealing with in the future. Finding this board was great! Thanks.


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