Just wondering what is being offered in SA as of the first week of December? I have confirmed offer of $5000.00 w/22.5% around the Goodwin school.

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You would want to look for a lease assignment at the courthouse. Often time a company will take a bunch of leases and then assign them all to a seconds company such as Cabot.
Eagle Oil & Gas possibly assigning my lease is much different than the stated "I believe the Eagle you leased to was a land company leasing for Cabot, not the Eagle Oil & Gas mentioned here."


previous posting Eagle Oil & Gas--here is some of the info:

their website:

their project areas (see Sabine and San Augustine 8000 acres)

Eagle Oil & Gas Co. is a private, independent oil and gas company based in Dallas, Texas. The Company is seventy-five percent (75%) owned by EagleCorp, Inc., a private investment holding company owned and controlled by members of the Bolin family and certain other members of Eagle’s management, which also owns and manages additional business interests in banking, real estate and insurance. The remaining twenty-five percent (25%) equity ownership in the Company was sold in a financing transaction to an unrelated investment company in October, 1999.

The Company’s executive offices are in Dallas, Texas, where the exploration, acquisition, land, engineering and legal functions are handled, and its operational offices are located in Wichita Falls, Texas, where accounting and field operations are based. Currently, Eagle’s staff includes 30 full-time personnel. Eagle also uses 40+ contract field personnel for the operation of its wells.
sue costello:
re: Crimson Exploration see blog
I am reading these postings quickly because I just came online after looking at the Texas Railroad Commission permits filed today.
Today, December 11, 2009, Common Resources has filed for a permit for the Owens well. They list it in the
M. Ward survey but if you download the plot map the John Patterson A-218 survey is included in the permit. The permit shows 65.15 acres in the John Patterson survey included in the unit. I donot know if this includes your property. You will need more help than I can give you right now determining how much of the survey they included. This may be why some of these unknown or little known companies are contacting you. Were you ever contacted by Common Resources or anyone representing that they are leasing for Common Resources. [you have to watch this issue also] Have you signed any leases?? I suggest not signing any leases until you can understand what is happening in your survey!! You donot want to sign with someone who will turn around and sell your deep drilling rights to Common Resources who will probably have a great well. I am going back to the site now and check if the unit includes any unleased acreage. Will get right back to you!!!
There are no unleased acres included in the Ownes well. The mineral rights in the John Patterson survey, included in this unit, are owned by Wilson A. Hatton. [66.15 acreas].
I will look at my survey map tonight and try to determine more information for you. In the meantime I suggest avoiding any of these companies that are going to resell your mineral rights.
If I am not mistaken, Devon's S. Kardell well IP'd at 30.7MM c/ft a day. That was right around six weeks ago.

Anyone care to venture a guess what that well is producing currently?
110.00MM c/ft a day ???
No, why don't you just tell us?
I didn't say I knew, I just wanted people to put out their best guess, and when Devon files production numbers with the state we can check it.

I bet your right Cheerleader, 110.00MM c/ft a day sounds plausible. This would make your minerals (if you even have any) worth about 1 million per acre and a 50% royalty!!!! Very exciting!!!! Keep holding out bud!!!
You are too funny, LOL. I don't have a clue what it's doing now but I bet they choked it down as far as they dared. I'll guess somewhere around 12M.


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