Just wondering what is being offered in SA as of the first week of December? I have confirmed offer of $5000.00 w/22.5% around the Goodwin school.

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How could it produce 110 MMCF/day when it tested and reported by Devon 30.7 MMCF/day
I was teasing ogmladvisor. Apparently he didn't think it was funny.
How did you know what Chesapeake paid for my mineral rights? I thought these leases were confidential...like in "confidentiality clauses".

Thank you for all the information it is very interesting! If we've already signed with a company that is most likely going to sell our leases are we screwed?
Sue Costello,
Who did you sign with?
Southeast Texas Oil & Gas out of Houston
Your far from screwed, but I guarantee you could have done better.
Sue Costello,
Crimson and Devon are the two companies that partnered to drill the Kardell well east of San Augustine. It is the largest well in the Haynesville shale at 30.7mmcf.
You are going to be just fine!!

RBH: Thanks for the link. I didn't know Crimson's history.
Sue Costello

I posted on the blog for you

SOTG was acquired and remained a wholely owned sub of Gulfwest Oil Co which then changed its name to Gulfwest Energy and merged into Crimson Exploration..

Crimson partners with Devon in San Augustine

go to Crimson's website
That make me wonder why our leases say Southeast Texas O & G, this landman that we've been dealing with has been less than forthcoming with us!
I guess when the site was having a few "glitches" yesterday..my posting about the progression from
SOTG to GulfWest Oil Co-to Gulfest Energy to merge with Crimson Exploration in 2005 plus the press releases by Crimson Exploration and website info did not make it. I guess the word of caution is know who you are leasing to and use this site...lot's of helpful people.
for sue costello

Owen unit 649 acres in Mary ward 305 survey, simpson holloway 149 survey and john patterson 218



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