Good luck to all in that section. Going to be a dandy for sure!


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How can i check if any wells have been drilled in my section ? Is there a site where i can type in the range / township numbers ?
What about the ones that are forced pooled, do we do anything or just wait and see process.
I've been hearing well costs have been coming down too. I plan on participating with my interest but it might get too expensive so I could end up going non consent. May not be a bad deal if spot prices keep rising.
Thank you for the information. May I ask you another question?
Most signed leases in our area (S-16) but a few did not. The way I understand if we didn't sign a lease we will be forced pooled. Will I receive a notice or will the company send a check to the forced pooled ones without any legal papers. How does all that work?
Chesapeake, Sanford 16 #H1 Well, Serial #240069, S16-T16N-R14W, Caspiana Field
Does anyone know about a site for a well in Section 10, T16N, R14W which is on Kingston Road between Williamson Way and Willow?? I saw someone spraying this 10 acre tract that looked like maybe surveyors. Just wondering if anyone knew anything about it.
Any activity 22-16-14?
Gatorguy, no permitted well.
Good luck to all of you in this area. Since this is a populated area a lot of families should be effected. I have relatives in the area so my fingers are crossed.
How is that an oil company can offer lease to a section right next to another area and not lease to both? As an example I checked sonris and found wells within field ID 2368 in section 23, T 15, R9w and R8 right next to it but no well. Does this mean R8 may be forced pooled?

I am sure that someone else can answer this better than I...

In your example, you said that R8 is right next to Section 23 T15 R9w, but R8 would be six miles away to the east. Each Township and Range usually consist of 36 square mile sections with each section usually containing 640 acres. If you were talking about Sec. 23 15n 9w, then the immediate surronding sections would be Section 4 to the north, Section 8 to the west, Section 16 to the south and Section 10 to the east.
I appreciate the information you provided, and I learned something new. I did not realize the miles that exist between the section, town and row. I was referring to section 23, t15n, and r8w that is adjacent to property mentioned above (s23, t15, r9w). Does this mean that R8w is 36 square miles away and not included in the 640 acres?


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