Devon is setting 5 1/2" casing in the well.

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Old production was from Denbury (Encore) well.  No units ever established.
The Encore/Denbury well is located on the Richland Plantation just south of the state line.  The new Devon well will be located on the Beech Grove Plantation at a site about 2 miles NW of Clinton, LA
That's correct, James.  It is the Richland Plantation well that has already produced from the TMS, and the Beech Grove Plantation well that has not (yet) produced from the TMS.  All of this new exploration and development of the TMS is really going to be exciting!
Thanks for clarification!
Looked at the Lane site yesterday from the road. Everything's gone. Trailers, rig, everything. Just some sort of valve remains and all the matting. There looks like a pit on one side with orange netting around it. Any idea what this means?


They are waiting on a completion rig according to the scout report they filed with DNR.

do you know what is going on with the lane well. I guess no news is good news.

I saw a large blue with a white cabin truck at the site this evening with the Shlumberger name on it. Also a large crane working at the well site. Anybody have any comments on this activity?

Just curious.



That is a truck that is used to log the well and possibly shoot it.

I would have assumed that the well would have been logged before the long string casing was set. The other possibility is they are there to shoot the well - perforate it. Again, that is usually done after the completion rig is there and the production string is set. We'll have to see what they report to the state in the next scout report. That won't be out until this time next week though and they may not report it because this is part of the completion process. Keep an eye on what is happening and let us know.

I understand that a letter was sent out this week saying that Devon is requesting to drill an alternate well in the Lane 64-H unit. The alternate well is shown to be in the same spot.?? Could that mean the core sample on the vertical did not get good results? Are there going to be two wells now? Kinda confusing! Can anybody explain this?


They evidently think that the vertical well is produceable from the core sample. I think since the Shlumberger truck is or was there then that means that they are shooting it and going to try to produce it as a vertical well. I would assume that the next step would be for the frack trucks to start rolling in. And yes to your question is there going to be two wells on the pad. One will be vertical and the other will be horizontal. Its my understanding that up in the Haynesville area they are drilling several wells from one pad. That would be my understanding and interpretation of what you guys are seeing and hearing at this time. All GOOD!!!!!!!


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