Devon is setting 5 1/2" casing in the well.

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Yesterday  there was a large red truck with s3 or 4  red pump looking things that looked to be attached to the truck. Today the red truck is still there and a large white crane was raised up over the well bore site with cables hanging down. Dont know much about drilling sites but they are steady working there now.


That sounds like the frack crew is moving in. They should have shot the well last week and my guess is that they are setting up to frack. Sounds GOOD. There should a lot more red trucks moving in soon. 

Hey Joe,

Any word if more frac trucks moved in since last week? 


Uncle Jed

Hey Ed,


Have you been back by the Lane well since last week to  check on the progress?


Uncle Jed

Yes but not since Thursday of last week. No activity at all from the road, red truck not visible if there. However there is a lot of pipeline work going on on 955 to the northeast of the site. Do not know the significance of this yet.


I went up to the site and did not see any pipeline work on 955. However, they are moving in frack tanks. Saw a couple on site and passed two on the road to the site and 2 chemical tank trucks headed in that direction.

If you can tell me where the pipeline work is; I'll check it out.


Take a good photo of those frac trucks when they stack up!



The pipeline work can bee seen while driving on La 955 between  La 10 and Battle Rd. I have not actually seen any pie go into the ground nor have I seen any stored anywhere. However there is a lot of equipment and dirt being moved.

Edward, I just don't know that area that well. I went about a mile passed the well site and did not see anything. I'll take another look tomorrow. And get some photos.


From La 10 near Clinton take La 955 south for about 2 miles look for the caution signs on the shoulder , the work is being done on the left.


I found the pipeline work. It is on Transco's lines. But it could be maintenance or it could be a service line to the Beech Grove well site. Is that well site East of 955?  

Here are photos of the activity on the Lane site. I have two others but because of the size I'll have to do two additional uploads.


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