Devon is setting 5 1/2" casing in the well.

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The first lane well was a hole drilled for information only. That's what we have been told from the beginning. They wanted to core the formation and do a test frack to see what the result would be from a couple of different methods. Its also interesting that they only fracked 20-30 feet of almost 200 feet of formation. Don't quite understand that. If they were not happy with the test I don't think they would be permitting and drilling the additional wells that they are moving on.

Thanks Joe, I don't understand all of this stuff, so i guess the test drill must be good so they are going to drill another hole, why not use the one they have now.

Thomas, the casing program for the original well may not have been designed for a horizontal lateral.  Also, it is sometimes easier to just drill a new vertical section rather than attempt to utilize an existing wellbore.


Devon's approach seems similar to that utilized by EnCana for the early evaluation of the Haynesville Shale.

Thanks, Les


I agree with you. I don't think they can drill out of 5 inch casing and go horz. But that may not be correct - I just don't have that much experience with horz. laterals and how the casing program is setup. Thanks for your input. I still think the vertical well has future use as a disposal well. 

Is this the same way other company's do it, if, they think oil is down there.

Shale Geo is right.  They can monitor nearby fracs using this vertical well.  The 5-1/2" 29.70# casing is too small to legitimately sidetrack and drill a lateral in. they would have to drill a 4-1/4" hole and stick some tubing in it for production casing.  That would kill your rate on a frac job. Had they run intermediate casing, they could have cut the 5 1/2" & sidetracked in the intermediate.

As far as using it as a disposal, im not sure what the base of fresh water is there in LA, but the surface CSG at 3919 is probably deep enough to protect it.

They should be well passed the fresh water. I'm South of that location and had a Wilcox well drilled in 85 and they ran only 3200 ft of 10 3/4. They should be passed the fresh water in that well.

I haven't heard any news on the Ethel well since the last posting on 9/9.

Does anyone have any news on any activity there?


There is no activity on that site other than they plan to move the rig back in and drill a horz. well from the same pad. It is permitted.

They will probably p&a the vertical well and use it as a disposal well for salt water and frac fluids produced from the horz. wells.

Thanks for the info.

I guess they are just waiting to finish the Beechgrove well and move that rig back to Ethel where it started?


I'll keep watching the Beechgrove blog for the latest.


I know that the shale has very little to no water. At least that is what the logs say. What the reality is we will have to wait for production to see what they have.  What concerns me is they will be drilling up-dip in the Lane well and the TMS is directly above the Tusc sand and it is loaded with water. If they encounter stringers from the shale to the sand and they frack them or frack into the sand then they will have water. Only time and production will tell.


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