Devon is setting 5 1/2" casing in the well.

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Now that we know that Devon is headed to the Sertoma well I'm starting to wonder about the Lane site.  I know the vertical well drilled was a "science" well and Devon permitted another well from the same site so I'm assuming they like what they saw.  I was also thinking that the more wells drilled by Devon  before they get back to the Lane site the better since from what I've read Devon will learn more and more from each well drilled.  The land owners around the Lane site are not hearing too much at this point from Devon.  I guess my question to you Kirk is what do you think is going on with the Lane site and what are the chances of Devon completing the Lane well this year?


The vertical is still a science well. The horizontal from the same pad will be your producer. Patience is required.


I heard a rumor that someone is taking samples of sand from both Thompson's Creek and the Amite River trying to find sand that could be used in the fracking in the Florida Parishs. The plan is to setup a processing facility to provide the sand locally. Have you heard anything about this and does this sound likely?

Have not heard anything.


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