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I think the "dry" comment is just a rumor, Jane.  It is unlikely that anyone on the drilling crew knows anything about a well's productive potential.  The same could be said for the frac crew.  The productive potential would be unknown until the plugs are drilled out and the well flowed.  Those that flow the well and hook it to the pipeline would be the first to know. 

Haliburton Frack Trucks (three big ones) were getting on I55 and the Kentwood exit at 3:40 P.M. this afternoon.  Got on I 55 and headed south.  Must be through with their piece of work on the Kentwood well.

  I heard a couple of weeks ago from what I consider a reliable source that Devon was close to their desired depth. I rode by the rig about a week or so ago and they appeared to be tripping up quite a bit of pipe, which, from what I can tell is done for changing drill bits, technical problems, or various tests and is a prelude to putting the pipe back in the hole again. If they were removing the pipe to leave it seems they would be unscrewing it one section at the time to load on the truck, not pulling it up three sections at the time.Today, the rig is still there but the pipe is gone from the rack. It sounds to me like they are still drilling or are having some kind of technical problem. I don't recall exactly when they started drilling but it seems like a long time, even for a longer lateral. IMHO it would be nice if they decided to go for that 1000 feet of pay dirt that they didn't originally intend to drill? Wouldn't they have to inform and/or get the permission of the state first if they decided to change the proposed drilling depth?

Does anyone have an update regarding the status of the fracing?

I rode up there yesterday. No sign of big trucks moving in and out. Unless they are running a covert operation, there is nothing going on. The Tangipahoa river has been in flood stage because of the hurricane and they might be waiting for it to settle down before running their water lines.

I heard a rumor that the well is dry.

Have they done the frac yet?

  Sonris has no record of the perforations or frac job yet.  It just says "RR 8/9/12; WOCR" I assume that means rig removed and wating on completion rig or something.

I would be shocked if the well was "dry." May not be a great well or economically justified, but it appears that you will get at least some oil if you penetrate the TMS anywhere. If this was a dry hole they would not have completed the well.

  Kirk Barrell posted this on Twitter yesterday. "Baker Hughes trucks have been seen heading towards the Devon Thomas 38-1". The Tangipahoa river is probably down and clear enough now to get good water so we should be hearing something within a couple of weeks or so. Tic Toc Tic Toc.

Kirk Barrell just posted this morning that oil is being hauled away from the well. No IP as yet.

Kirk has now posted his IP estimates on his blog.



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