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  Kirk just posted on Twitter. "The Devon Thomas 38H-1 starting flowing oil up tubing yesterday. My scout who observed the trucks last week was incorrect on the content." 

So news posted on the Tuscaloosa Trend is not factual.

Considering the statements are in quotes, it appears that Kirk is simply stating that information from one of his "scouts" was incorrect.  Kirk is not immune to receiving inaccurate reports from others and when he passes that information along in his blog he feels the need to correct it when he learns otherwise.

Thanks for that information!

  Sorry to take so long. I guess I should have logged out when I left. Skip is correct. Kirk got some inaccurate information. I thought there was something funny about that. It seemed too soon to me but I thought that maybe they set some kind of record fracing it.  There are pictures of the trucks over on his Twitter page. They aren't the shiny steel frac trucks I've seen. These are dark colored tankers and I could see how someone could get confused, but they may haul more than one type of fluid in these things. Anyway, we should know something pretty soon. Glad I didn't go buy that Cadillac though.   ;)

Any recent information on the Thomas 38H-1 well in Kentwood?

I haven't heard anything yet. If we don't hear something by tomorrow I'll ride up to the little restaurant near the well and see if the pretty waitresses know anything. Maybe one of the crew will talk a little too much. :)

This is on Sonris.

10/04/2012 10 17225 COMPLETED 9/28/12 AS A OIL WELL IN THE TMS RA SUA RES;PM F 384 BOPD; 105 MCFD; 2400 FTP; 09/64 CK; 192 BWPD; 0.50%BS&W; 273 GOR; 41.0 GRVTY PERFS 12383-17114' (ST: 10)
08/13/2012 06 17225 RR 8/9/12; WOCR;

What well

Choke is pretty tight -  9/64

  Well this one hasn't panned out as hoped for. Better go get my day job back. In hindsight, it probably wasn't a good idea to curse the boss when I quit to go wait on oil riches.   :)


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