I know most of you live in LA. Just wondering how that one went or any others across the country. For those of you who don't like this idea. It's not about republicans or democrats. It is important if you feel our country is spending too much and taking on too much debt and handing it off to our kids.

If you're a 50-year old-with a college degree, you will pay approximately $81,000 over your working life just to pay the interest on the debt in the Obama budget.

If you're a 40-year-old, you'll pay $132,000.And if you're a 20-year-old, just starting out after college, you will pay a whopping $114,000 just to service the interest on the debt
created by the Obama budget.

I wish I could have gone to the one in KC. We only have one car now so I didn't get to! Even though I would have been chicken to go with my four kids by myself to an area I'm not even familiar with an hour away, I'm seriously bummed that I had to miss it.

Fox news will have the best coverage tonight if any of you want to watch.

Hannity will be in Atlanta, Glenn Beck in TX at the Alamo, Greta Van Sustran in DC and Cavuto in CA .

So far I've heard very positive things from people who already are back from them! And postive feedback from cars passing by, honking and giving the thumbs up. Lots of good speeches.

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i'm not a rookie, i have been doing it longer than you
More power too you bro. I just watch the gladiators now, I just haven't put my helment on to step into the ring. I got way too much too do.
poncho & lefty don't put out no gabarge it's all smart cause you two said it HA HA, quit crying lady or quit talking smack one of the two
krowe wipe the drool off your chin and go back to bed HA HA
KB, You do tend to personalize things, you can't be the center of the universe.....becuse I am...:-)


why did you post that on sarah's blog, cause you wanted to be a smart ***, so don't cry like a baby when you looking for a reaction and you get one boo hoo HA HA
I hope ya'll are watching Hannity tonight. He's covering the tea parties of course. Had someone give some history at the beginning part of a Thomas Payne speech. Newt is on in New York. HUGE crowds everywhere. Hannity is in Atlanta. Go watch it! 700 tea parties tonight.
I went to the one at Dallas City Hall. The first protest I've ever been to in my life. Lots of common sense and good old fashioned Constitutionalism among a large and enthusiastic group of Americans. It gave me "hope" for real "change".

As far as the question of who funded these events is concerned, perhaps it is Fox News or some evil right wing cabal that is the culprit. As those on the left are fond of reminding us, we get our marching orders from Rush Limbaugh and are incapable of thinking for ourselves. Millions of concerned citizens across the country couldn't possibly possess the resources or wherewithal to pull it off on our own, could we?
nail on the head!!


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