Oil co has lowered the Division Order decimal interest on my latest gas royalty statements and claim I have a “negative balance“ on this particular 1000 acre gas well. I own four or five little pieces of the well and all the diff decimals add up to the exact amount on my division order, but  my latest checks indicate a slightly lower total decimal interest (Which makes a BIG difference in my net $ amt.). I was never notified of this change, which is required on the div order and lease agreement. I called Oil co and talked to someone at least 4 times, No help. One last question: on my original royalty statements on this well,  the gross NET amounts, which my checks are based on, are much less than the amounts on the Adjustment Checks that come later and oil co claims I was paid based on the higher amts, which is not the case. So no matter if my decimal int WAS lowered, according.to the newest updated NET amts, they would STILL owe ME money, not the other way around. Sorry this was long. Just so frustrated. 

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