On the Division Order-is the well number listed  anywhere on the document?  I have

an owner No. that looks like a well number but there is no well by that number on sonris.


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Seasport, I would like to forward it to them but I don't know how. 

I did point out how that would mess up all the pay out but the young lady was not intrested

in anything I had to say-at lease that was the impression I got from her. 

I would also like to think that when and if Chesapeake discovered the error they would

adjust the payments-but with the attitude I got , I bet they would  have

just kept it for themselves.  Who would have known?  seriously-does anyone know how and if

this is checked?  I sure hope so.


If you contact them they are only interested in the owner number, I know this from experience.

I was told not to sign the division order by another Shaler who is a millionaire now. Why?

LA. law requires operators to pay lessors whether they sign a DO, or not.  You must supply your tax information however.  O&G attorneys regularly direct their clients not to sign a DO as it may be in the lessors advantage in any future dispute or litigation.


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