I noticed the field where my land is located is ranked 25th in production for the year 2012 in the Shreveport district. It produced about 1/10 of the top 3 fields, Red River, Elm Grove are in the top of the rankings. So far in 2013, the area is ranked 31 and this time it is producing about 20 times less than the top 3.

My land is in lower Desoto, the Trenton field.

Is this because the top fields have more wells in production because this is where the most activity has occurred? Is it because these fields are more prolific?

Is it an indicator that in the future when gas is more profitable, there will be little interest in developing this field any further, with more wells?

I recall being told that the farther south the more heat in the ground or more energy needed to retrieve or loosen the gas. Does the low productivity and high cost to produce make this area less desirable?

I was just wondering.

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Yes to more wells in production in the top ranked fields.  Probably to the question of other fields being more prolific although the shale under the Trenton Field is good rock.  As to when development will pick up, can't answer that.  Some operators drill more alternate unit wells than others.  In the Trenton Field the only operator with any significant number of alternate unit wells is EOG and they operate a small fraction of the units in the field.  In addition their units are not fully developed, only about half developed (4 wells).  The bulk of the Haynesville units belong to CHK and they drill fewer alternate unit wells than any other major Haynesville operator across the Play.  Although in the southern most one third of the productive basin the wells in the Trenton Field are not sufficiently deep to cause the problems with heat and pressure that manifest themselves further to the south and east.  The Trenton Field is a good place to own minerals IMO.

Also, Trenton Field is small, geographically.  It doesn't encompass very many sections.  Red River/Bull Bayou is huge -- it has many more sections than does Trenton.


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