A well is being drilled in Webster Parish, T18N, R8W, S7, by Savanna drilling company. After looking on SONRIS to see if I could get information about this well, I believe the well serial #  is 973669 and shows to have been permitted 4/30/09. The product code indicates "No Product Specified" (what does this mean?). There is no other information about the well except for the name, etc.


There is no shale unit in the area and I am wondering if this is a Hanesville Shale well. Could the land owner have contracted with a drilling company to drill a Haynesville well without establishing a shale unit? How could one determine if this well is a Hanyesville Shale well?



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Glenn, that Ser No. is a salt water disposal well.
Thanks for the information.

Tell me something about a salt water disposal well. What effect does/can it have on the neighboring area. I am sure we can expect to see a lot of tanker truck activity delivering salt water to the well. Are they drilling into an established void that will hold the salt water? Since this is a money making endeavor for the property owner does it affect any of the neighboring land owners?
Glenn, this is outside of my expertise but normally the salt water is injected into a subsurface formation that is well separated from any freshwater aquifers (water supplies). The State evaluates all technical and environmental aspects before issuing the permit. They may be able to provide additional information regarding the well.
Thanks Les B & ShaleGeo

I do have some concerns about the salt water disposal well but it seems that those concerns are pretty much void since the permits have already been issued and the drilling has started. Now we have to worry about the truck traffic along our quiet little road and the destruction of the road caused by the heavy trucks. I visited the Police Jury office today about this and was told that the Police Jury is looking at revising the regulations for trucks traveling on parish roads. One concern is that there are no weight restrictions for the parish roads like there are for the state roads.


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