Trinidad Rig # 125 is on site, located south of Bean Rd in Southeastern Amite County about 4 miles west/southwest of Gillsburg in Township 1 North, Range 5 East

Spud March 21, 2014.

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Thanks for getting this up and for the other info that you sent to jwp

You are welcome!

Spud date 3/20, 9 days drilling ahead, 4/28.

  thanks for the info  bernell&skip. keep us posted.  also any news on the Lawson well

james, all I got is the rig report that comes out on Fridays.  Often late on Friday night.

What's the lastest news on this well as of today 4-2-14

Trinidad Drilling Rig #125 reports 16 days Drilling Ahead, 4/4/14.

Can you update us as to the progress of the well as of 4/8/2014?  If updates only come out on Fridays, can you please post the progress as you obtain the information.

The rig report each Friday is the only reliable means to track a rig in real time.  However be aware that when the rig reaches Total Depth (TD) and sets a final casing string, reports will cease.  At that point the rig is gone and we have to depend upon local members to keep us informed of completion operations.

whats the lastestst news on the mathes well as of 4-15-14

Rig updates come out of Friday as Skip has repeatedly indicated


Someone reported on another website that the Mathes was drilling below 12000 ft as of last Friday April 11th - so it appears they have a ways to go to finish this well.


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