Trinidad Rig # 125 is on site, located south of Bean Rd in Southeastern Amite County about 4 miles west/southwest of Gillsburg in Township 1 North, Range 5 East

Spud March 21, 2014.

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Look how many times the BS rumors have cost the lessors a deal. I have seen it happen a lot.

So, when in doubt, lurk.

Two Dogs:

Was on a location back in the early 80's. While Schlumberger was logging the well the driller whom was an elderly man at the time entertained us with his stories from years gone by.  He told us he had been in the oilfield so long that when he first started as a teenager, his first job was shooting woodpeckers off of the wood derricks back then.

Funny thing was, there were a couple of guys that actually believed him !

~ ~ John


I have had to shoot some buzzards, snakes and maybe some peckerwoods down in the oil patch.

Trinidad Drilling Rig #125 reports 30 days Drilling Ahead, 4/18/14.

Two Dogs:

Shoooosh. Them libtards done put all three on the Federal Protected list along with all of the illegal aliens that cross the boarder. However, in each and every case I do realize you were being violently attacked and resorted to self protection.

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away but Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson are on the job 24/7.

~ ~ John

John Parker

Snakes are the worst because they seem to take advantage of deception (Adam & Eve) and they pray on the old and weak minded. Buzzards (Blockbusters) because they feed on someone's work that they didn't have a part of creating. Peckerheads are just peckerheads that spread rumors with no basis or lessors that lie to make them feel more powerful by telling others that they got twice as much as all the other lessors just to make them feel bad.

I have to speak with the right voice, to the right people and at the right time to shoot these vermin down and sometimes I think that Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson would be proud of me for not having to use their inventions.

Trinidad Drilling Rig #125 reports 37 days Drilling Ahead, 4/25/14.


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