EOG Announces Excellent Results from 1st Bossier Shale Test (2/9/10)

EOG included the following information in their 2009 Operational Highlights:


"In an area where EOG had previously focused on the Haynesville, EOG reported strong production results from its first Bossier natural gas test. The Sustainable Forest 5 - No. 2 Alt., drilled to a vertical depth of 11,400 feet in the Trenton prospect area in DeSoto Parish, La., began producing at 13 million cubic feet per day. EOG has 100 percent working interest in the well that is estimated to have reserves in excess of 8 billion cubic feet. EOG is currently operating five rigs in the Trenton prospect where it is drilling and developing both the Bossier and Haynesville reservoirs concurrently."


EOG's presentation actually shows the well testing at 13.1 MMcfd.  This test rate plus EOG's estimate of 8+ Bcf for the well confirms the Bossier Shale play has great potential in portions of North Louisiana and East Texas.  This announcement of concurrent development of the Bossier Shale and Haynesville Shale by EOG helps explain the multiple well permits in this section.


EOG, Sustainable Forest 5 #2A Well, Serial #240171, S5-T11N-R12W

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Thanks, Les. That is the kind of post that gets me excited as a royalty owner!
SB, that type of news should excite everyone. This just helps verify EOG's credentials as one of the best companies at completing shale gas wells.
I would agree. It is the 8 BCF EUR that is most shocking to me! That will be better than the EUR of many of the Haynesville wells in the play. They will host a conference call @ 8:00 in the morning (Wednesday the 10th). What are your thoughts, Jay?
Jay, what are the possibilities that this would help create more interest in Natchitoches parish? Seems I read somewhere that the Bossier lays on top of the Haynesville in most of Natchitoches parish.
Thanks Jay, If they do this and a horizontal proves to be 8 to 10 times more productive than the Messenger then that should get interesting. In time they are surely going to be forced to test those waters if they are a real player in the play. I think if they don't, then someone else will.
Lrb, based on the Petrohawk outline the Bossier Shale should create additional interest in northwestern Natchitoches Parish.
That cracks me up, Jay! (why not throw in another 8 BCF)
What is the probable spacing for these wells? Are we looking at 8 bcf based on 640 acre drainage/spacing?
Mattie, the spacing may vary by operator. Several operators have initially targeted 80 acre spacing but EOG could potentially believe they can drain more than 80 acres with a 8 Bcf well.
Would Bossier Shale wells be in addition to Haynesville Shale wells in the same sections?
PG, yes - where both shale plays are present.
So each section could have as many as 16 high production wells or so! That would be a nice chunk of change at those production rates, huh?


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