Thanks to Kirk Barrels watchful eye it has been noted on his Tuscaloosa Trend Blog that EOG has applied for a unit in the Bayou Twisty Field  in Avoyelles Parish. Interesting to me to note as Kirk brought out that it would seem their interest was almost more in structural location(at the end of the LaSalle Arch) rather than just resistivity as they  have much in the high resistive area but  quite a bit out of it. For those of us to the west in the lower resistive areas this is of paramount concern/interest. It will be exciting to watch this well develop as I have great faith in EOGs tecnique and ability to do more to bring in a shale well to the best of its productive ability than any companies drilling currently. Their track record in the Eagle Ford is rapidly becoming legendary with production initial production in the 2500 to 3500 BOPD. 

For all you folks over on the "west side" with me I tracked down the units coordinates ,plugged them in to Google Earth and came up with the follwing approximate distances for comparison.

From the  new EOG unit  west to slightly north it is 12 miles to Effie,16 miles to Centerpoint,and 23 miles to Kolin.

If you can't get excited about this well, especially with the company doing it ,I just can't imagine just what it would take.

Please take these distances with a little latitude as I just plotted the coordinates and an exact well location could vary close to a mile or so.

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enjoyed reading this post. especially the part "If you can't get excited about this well, especially with the company doing it, I just can't imagine just what it would take." also, a big thanks to kirk barrell for sharing information with us

Lets see if EOG runs the wells wide open like the some of the wells they are producing in South Texas.

Could you give me an idea what leasing bonus money is going for at this time?

Sally I am sorry that I can't give you any recent numbers. Indigo had pumped up to about 400 per acre for 3 years then 400 more if wanted to extend two more years.
I have heard a few solid numbers from a few Halcon leases (old petrohawk group) at 500 per acre but have not been offered that yet !


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