EOG plans 1st Angelina County Haynesville well: SARGE UNIT - Well # 1H

Status # 724486
API # 005-30393
PENDING Approval, Submitted: 09/19/2011, Filed: Online
New Drill Horizontal
Total Depth – 15,800
Survey – ANDERSON, W; Abstract #58

Location is near the HW 103E and FM 1669 intersection. Horizontal lateral is about 5,500 feet and drilled to the south. The pool size is 460 acres and that includes the old Angelina County Lumber Company heirs with an additional Worsham tract.

More good news for Angelina County mineral owners and indicates that activity in north Angelina County could be ramping up.



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Thank you so much for your time and effort on behalf.
This land was was willed to me from Jack Mcdermott ( grandfather ) . I did =
recieve a bonuheck check from Blackstone out of houston Dec 2010 for a thre=
e year window and was just wondering. I do get little bitty checks from Pla=
mer on current wells about 50.00 every few months,=20
Again thank you and I will keep in touch.

Jack Sheffield =20

OK, I posted, originally, that the only production report I had found (last Saturday) was for June and then I decided to check again.  Lo and behold... all the reports since March have now been "corrected" since the G-1 was turned in.  Go figure.  Anyhow, I deleted that post so we could share the full impact instead.  This well has made 2.0 bcf from the middle of March through June.  That's like.. 3 1/2 months. Monster.  Reports attached.


July production was 514,983 mcf (avg. 16.6 MMcfd)

Production through September:

Mar.           390,346 mcf

Apr.            557,740 mcf

May            555,029 mcf       

June           515,968 mcf

July             514,983 mcf

Aug.            429,483 mcf

Sept.           316,963 mcf

Total         3,280,512 mcf

Gaudy is the word that comes to mind.

Production through December is 4.1 bcf. The well now has a lease ID (265935) so you should use that # to look up production and change the well type to Gas instead of pending.



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