Even MORE power to the government in the works???? See proposed bill expanding expropriation powers, yet again

Regular Session, 2010

Extends powers of expropriation to hydrogen pipelines operated by private companies. . . .

passed the house . . .what a surprise.

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I would bet this has a specific reason.
Oh, I'm sure it does. Is Hydrogen used in carbon sequestration process or is it used when they CO2 flood fields?

The topic is likely a misstatement. It should read, even more government expropriation powers ceded to PRIVATE companies, who are given GOVT power to TAKE PRIVATE property for CORPORATE profit.

I for one just do not like to see governmental expropriation powers willy nilly ceded to private companies. I don't even like how the current law permits such . . . But, that's just me. The taking of private property is a big deal to me. Perhaps not to others.
Hydrogen is used by the refineries and chemical processors.
Thanks B.

And, as for expanding PRIVATE COMPANIES power of EXPROPRIATION OF PERSONAL PROPERTY for CORPORATE PROFIT, did I mention I oppose it???

I use all sorts of things in the course of my life, including to make a profit. Does that mean I should have the power to take your property so I can make sure I have my supplies?
Well, I look at it like this, the Commisoner has to approve the project. And then it will have to go to court. Its not like a company can just say its mine, they have to convince a judge the project is for the public benifit and what the fair price is. Its really two levels of due process.

I agree that it would be easy to abuse expropriation powers. And that the powers should be used as sparingly as possible. To me it is important that on landowner should not stand in the way of needed infrastructure, but I would be absolutly opposed to the taking of property for somthing like a shopping mall.
You are spot on about this. Everyone should be concerned and contacting their Senators to stop it.
Everyone should write their senators and representatives down in B.R. And, go ahead and write 'em all.

Ceding of the extraordinary power of expropriation to PRIVATE companies for CORPORATE PROFIT has to END.
No need in asking me where I stand on this. lol
Common ground does exist!
And folks wonder why there's a shortage of ammunition.


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