Executive Order - Establishment of the White House Rural Council

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America and in order to enhance Federal engagement with rural communities, it is hereby ordered as follows:




Could this directive eventually effect the Federal Government's involvement in well drilling in rural areas...perhaps require federal permits like are required for offshore drilling? Or worse?

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i hope it's a bunch of "Chicken Crap".  But when the government positions something as wonderful... it always seems to turn out the other way!  "I'm from the government and here to help"... start running! jhh


Sounds kind of scary when the Fed wants to control development in rural areas...
Could we just let New England and California split off and then all parties involved be happy?

This is not about party or politics...this is about a rule..

How far will the Fed Gov reach in controlling development...sounds pretty vague..

I would think anyone doing anything in rural America should be concerned..

Looks like about every department in the Fed Gov is involved...what will this mean for developing minerals ?

This is all about control probably: "He who controls the countryside controls the Country."


Well, the libs have ruined huge swathes of the cities with the Great Society and War on Poverty giveaways. So, it would naturally behoove them want to make the countryside dependent as well.


i believe Sun Tzu wrote something to the effect that gaining territory wins wars not big battles....

Here comes the government with their "beads and treaties" again.
Just hope they don't try to regulate minerals like they do wetlands....

Executive Order after Executive Order!  People had better wake up and start reading between the lines! None of this crap is coming down with votes from the Reps. in the Congress. By Executive Order? Sounds like a way to Dictate not Govern. Bet before it's all over, it ani't going be anything that folks that own any property are going to LIKE.  

An example of the Fed delving in to "rural development" is as follows:  the Fed has a USDA loan, which is the only loan product on the market where a buyer can purchase a home with no money down or even borrow slightly over 100% (103% if memory serves).  It is for the purchase of homes in "rural" areas yet the loans meets qualification standards in suburban areas all the time.  The loan is so popular that the program often runs out of funding.  The point of this info is that there has been a national market correction of "give me something for nothing" or no money down 100%+ loans yet the Fed steps in a does the very thing that they chastised banks, mortgage companies, and wall street about.  The irony is sickening.  Classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. 
I wonder what this New rural council will be delving into with so many Gov. departments involved? Seems the devil always surfaces in the details...just hope they don't mess with our minerals...
It is just another power grab by the present administration.  It is glossed over with superlatives regarding the "poor rural" people when in fact is a bold grab to regulate to the lowest level.  It is not needed nor will it produce anything but more civil servants who do a lot about nothing.  Leave us alone!
Who made this sob King? I haven't heard any discussion on t.v. or seen anything in newspapers or the internet.  If we can't vote him out, we will find ourselves living in a country that is entirely controled by the government. He is either part of the muslim brotherhood, or he is the anti-christ?


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