Fallout From BP Disaster--What About the Other Guys?

So how would you like to be an operator who was minding their own business, drilling a well in deepwater while taking all appropriate safety precautions when you are notified by the MMS that you need to stop, secure the well, and suspend operations? Most wells in deepwater are drilled under long term rig contracts. So as an added bonus, you get to keep paying the rig contract after force majeure is declared. Once again, thanks BP.

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Let me guess? You two have always been outspoken advocates of deep water drilling right? Just like your buddy Rohm Emanuel, you don’t ever let a good crisis go to waste. I don’t ever remember you two on here, asking that this practice be stopped or more closely managed. Now! low and behold you two are regular experts in the field. You got all the solutions but none of the answers.
Right. And I see u haven't grown or learned one thing. At least
u r consistent and provide a solid baseline

difference bn u and me, me was advocating for more regulation and I
long opposed the continued growth of offshore drilling untol it was shown
disaster as this
could be controlled if it happened
And I continued that position w HS
thru the HS "boom". And if I recall, so, too
was seaport. Never saw u in the environmental group
except perhaps for a peanut gallery comment
Consistency is the hallmark of my game. I suggest you find some if you want people to believe you. Plus, I'm a not a lawyer which hepls.lol
Wow, a liberal advocating for more regulations. News at 10. The only regulations you advocate for, are the ones that push your agenda. Let me correct myself........ you and Tex Sharon. Now it's fixed.
Wrong question. The right question is who signed it and what r the penalties
for not being truthful to federal govt, which represents u and me and all persons. 18 USC 1001.
Yeah, like the federal government has been truthful to us. Wait? I forgot Mr. Transparency has taken over, and his minions like you are here to spread the true word. Do you two know how ridiculous you look?
Again, difference bn u and me is I have taken and continue to take govt to task when it lies. What exactly have you done ?
Set liberals straight like you!!!!!!!
And the award (a gold star, of course) for Dedication & Commitment ( a looonnnnngggg 2 years running now) goes to DORCHEATED A1!!!

applause, applause, applause

Thank you sesport. I couldn't have done it without you. lol, wink, wink.
I am a deepwater drilling consultant in West Africa, drilling for a US independent, this is going to hammer the gulf coast in over 90,000 jobs lost. If you can remember 1986, get ready because this is going to be worse. We are hearing that all of the companies are looking to increase the international budgets and spend the money overseas which would have been spent in the GOM. Just one well that was being drilled in the gulf was around $100m and 33 rigs will be leaving the gulf soon. They will not come back because the insurance and equipment requirments that the MMS will require now, cannot be met by 95% of the working rigs.
It is over and will not return anytime soon. Shelf (jackup) drilling will also be drastically reduced due to new regs and insurance.

BP should be held accountable, the management, engineers, supervisors prosecuted. They are known to cut corners. All indications are BP cut corners on casing, cement design, used poor drilling practices, had the wrong people (land experienced foreman) and transocean had modified the BOP without Camerons approval.
I can tell you because I have been doing this for 30+ years, this is not the way normal business in deepwater is run.

In the end it will push the money and rigs overseas and it is already happening. The small independent operators are done forever in the gulf. The land and shale business should boom now, but it will be sad to see our gulf coast economy finished as we know it.

Lt, i appreciate your perspective.
jay, where did you get the 30% increase figure for GOM operations? is this an estimate or has something already come across your desk?

and LT, i remember in '86 the price of oil was at rock bottom and many smaller operators simply had to close up shop... was there anything else from that time period?



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