The 750 people who signed and thereby executed leases with JPD (ie Chesapeake) in the group from Greenwood will know if Chesapeake "honors all executed leases" (according their spokesman Kevin McCotter). At the Oct 4 signing event they were issued a 25 day bank draft. Based on when the draft was processed the first drafts need to be funded before 4 pm on Monday Nov 10th.

With all the bad press that Chesapeake gets we have invite Mr. McCotter to Mondays "revealing event". At exactly 4 pm we will know whether the first drafts will expire (and be returned with the lease) or be funded as promised.

We as a group will assembly in front of Community Bank 400 Travis starting at 3:45 PM. We have invited Mr. McCotter (or a representative) to join us at that time and give him the opportunity to be thanked by members of our group in appreciation for demonstrating to us that Chesapeake "honors all executed leases".

If you are in the neighborhood please join us!

It will look like this....

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Do you have any idea what news media groups will send reporters to this event?
Usually when it comes to bad news or negative press it is easy to get them there.

I am optimistic that this will provide Chesapeake with some good and positive press where they can assure not only the 750 of us but many others that are wondering if Chesapeake will "honor all executed leases".

I would image that Mr. McCotter would be in the best position to request any media coverage in asmuch as we expect it would reinforce what he continually says, ..."we will honor all executed leases"
If you can get a good group out the press will find their way to you.
Please Keep us posted on this sight, as to how it works out for Your Group today!
I was curious so I made some calls. Channel 12 has it on thier schedule. Channel 3 has no clue what is going on. Or so they claim.
"Or so they claim"
It must be another conspirisy. Good grief!
No Conspiracy...I just don't think Mr. McCotter has convinced his good friend Mr Sirven of how benificial this could be for Chesapeake
I did not say ANYTHING about a conspirisy or anything of the like. I said that "they claimed to have no knowledge of anything concering this matter." Good heavens stop putting words in my mouth. I am unable to be there and just wanted to follow it up on the TV reports. I just was surprised that ANY news media had no idea what was happening in their neighborhood.
I could not make it Downtown in time but I did get a chance to see everyone on the 5pm KSLA news

Did the Drafts go thru?
I saw the same thing you saw on channel 3. My guess is as good as yours. It does not look like they did.
Saw on the news at 5pm where the DRAFTS where no good!!!All 3 channels had it. Did not see anyone from Chesapeake even in the area. That should tell the folks in Greewood what to expect. They did not even take the time to meet with them. NOT GOOD FOR CHESAPEAKE FOR SURE!!! Would you want to do business with this company after seeing how they treat common folks?????? NEVER TAKE A DRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should be on again at6pm.


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