Let's lighten it up a bit. Tell us your favorite movie line.

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Your right. He's using us to get at her. That sly devil.
I just hope he has the Cliff Notes for those 4 principles from the movie posted where they're handy. And that he doesn't confuse them with some new recipe he learned on food tv today. He might be using us, but I'll use any tactic to report back on the Tournament discussion. (evil ha,ha,ha)
SS - how many halves are there to you?
I'm surprised that you haven't figured out that Snake is actually twins.
There is his Manly half, his feminine half, his athletic half and his half and half.
Cathaus - would that make him half-baked? He's got my recipe.
I can't say. You will have to read my book!
Just 2 halves!
But each half is split into many different microcosms. Not to be confused with Dissociative Identity Disorder, like that Sybil Dorsett lady that Sally Fields played in the movies. Although my darling wife claims that I wake up in a different world every day, that has absolutely nothing to do with possible multipersonality dissorder because even tho I awake in said different world, it is as the same person that I was the day before. Just to clear the air a little on that one!
Say what?
I think it means he's temporarily stuck on stupid, Cathaus. Different world?????? He better be looking out that his DW doesn't put him in a different bedroom. LOL

It pays to arrive early, Cathaus. LOL
Well, that explains it then. Somebody needs to thump his self-coiffed head and unstick him!
And now, Don Juan deSnake-o, you will have to forget the pots & pans for now, turn off the food network, and make it an early night .... or not. I'm outta here, can't take anymore ..... I sat in the car this morning waiting for that to finish then had to climb several flights of stairs all wobbly kneed.
......... Wait, I don't have knees........


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