Are the Avatar Labels a Negative or Positive?

And why?

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Positive, especially Jethro Bodine Clampet pointing to his highly developed brain. 

Keith, the labels should be a positive since they convey additional information regarding a poster's prospective.

I agree with Les, but where is his label?

If a member doesn’t have the label, it means that they joined the site before I asked the question to new members.


In order to trigger the label, a profile update needs to be done. That can be done by going to “settings”…

Why the sudden urge to pigeonhole your membership?  I seem to have a label that I didn't do anything to initiate and I have been here for four years. 

The tracing enabled help me ban IPs. Those pesky little peeps who sit behind computers in Senegal or India and spam the network.

The badge can similarly be removed by going to the setting link and selecting N/A. I wouldn't call it pigeonholing because there are options that don't create the badge on the avatar. Some may wish to let others know they are owners or professionals. Some may not. I don't have control over the questions, so at some point you returned to your profile and updated the questions. At various times I have added questions and then sent the link out to update if people chose to...


Labels are tricky.  Keith have you researched the posters to verify that they are oil & gas PRO.  I think most people will take a PRO's view point over some amateur land owner.  Are you going to take golf tips from Tiger Woods or some duffer at the driving range.  The reason we use labels is to have info quickly cataloged without having to do independent research.

I think that with everything on the internet it's "Caveat Emptor" (buyer beware). If you buy everything your reading then you might want to watch out for stock stories that get posted for new penny stocks. I've paid for the education and recieved my degree in Pump and Dump investments the hard way.

Interesting post Kieth, I am with you regarding penny stocks.  More of an online gaming  venue. Should be called penny poker.

Just not to have confusion I'm not Keith Mauck.


My avatar is related to Hurricane Gustave which is one of the major reasons that I left Terrebonne parish and moved to Avoyelles parish where I had been land shopping for years. I also just so happened to have two landowners not reserve the mineral rights when they sold to me, because they didn't think anything was down there! 


The handling of Hurricane Gustav buy the same Sheriff in Terrebonne parish that's making a fool of the parish on the TV show "Cajun Justice" was a big factor in my decision. The handling of flooding and coastal issues buy the Federal and State government was also a big player. That's why I picked my avatar because Gustav was one large catalyst among many. Without that move I wouldn't be as concerned about the development TMS shale.


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