from KTRE:

"Matter of fact, on one road there was a big lake there close to us and we saw the dam bust on it,” Jackson said.

Another hazard is when a hillside where a natural gas pipeline runs was washed into the roadway. Jackson is concerned.

"Because their pipeline is exposed in a place or two and that's dangerous because it's got pressure on it,” Jackson said. If we got another downpour or if this mud shifted again it could break a pipeline in two."

Jackson says the moment severe weather is predicted his crews start driving the roads..."

Curious to know - whose pipeline or which road is it?

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Looks like a minor road or almost like a logging road. Texas RRC has a viewer that operators are supposed to turn in their line to if they get off lease (T4 permit).
I know the creek that feeds Ironosa up north off 96 was about 6-10ft high from silt left behind I saw yesterday. I don't understand how they are blaming pipelines for erosion though unless the ROW wasn't properly vegetated or it was new construction?



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