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Thank you.

Early post frac flowback will be dominated by frac fluid / water - ultimate good break through of O&G will take time (and we don't have much of any analogs in La part of the trend to compare to).

As always in the oil field, it is sit and wait time!

Here's the entry from SONLITE:

COMPLETED 3/8/19 AS A OIL WELL IN THE AUS C RA SUA RES;PM F; 60 BOPD; 34 MCFD; 4806 SITP; 1748 CP; 24/64 CK; 3498 BWPD; 567 GOR; 36.4 GRVTY;PERFS 15048-18745' (ST: 10)

This test and completion info looks to be VERY early in the post frac flow back period - 3498 BW daily rate with the 60 BO / only a 1.7% oil cut. I totally agree with Jay as to the GOR issue but I think we need to see how things change on this well over time as more of the frac fluid (water) is produced and the "more indicative" O&G flow rate settles in.

I am a bit surprised at the oil gravity - I would have anticipated a lighter (higher API) oil at these depths (14,900' TVD). 

Overall a very short treated lateral too (3697' perforated and stimulated). Definitely a Lower / Basal AC lateral based on the logs info in the SONRIS file. I wish they would have posted the porosity log, however, so that we could see the porosity in the target zone.

It also would be nice to see the actual frac stimulation details for this well - they planned to put away over 3000# per foot but considering they had to end the lateral early (losing returns), I wonder if they had some issues putting away what they planned to pump to stimulate this well.

I figure that this info will be posted in the near future.

Definitely not what we were looking for

What about the reissued permit for Avoyelles Parish North Bayou Jack?  Would like to know exactly where site is.  Indigo Minerals.  Does anybody have any info on this?  With the initial results from McKeown 60 BOPD the Eagles Ranch doesn't look so bad maybe?

I'm not a Geologist and see that reported GOR value is discouraging, but wondered whether values reported from test for SITP of 4806 and CP of 1748 means anything in the evaluation of this well??  Test was run on 24/64 choke and the lateral length shows to be 3697' (15,048' to 18,745').

The EOG-Eagles Ranch well test reported CP of 1506 on 64/64 choke with total lateral of 4275' (16,275' to 20550'), GOR 1033 API Gravity of 43, so wondered how these two compare??

The McKowen IP appears to be very early in the post frac flow back period - note the 3500 BW per day rate with the O&G volumes.

I would caution against trying to  compare IP info such as this between wells - these are "point in time" measurements. And things such as rates, GOR, pressures, et al change over time.

A lot more info is needed before making any conclusions about the similarities and differences between the two wells.

One of the points of data that we haven't seen yet is how the McKowen well was frac'd (i.e. proppant and fluid volumes and other details).

No, the 60 BOPD is what I was concerned with

No problem that is a good key question

This info was their planned stimulation - they ended up with a shorter lateral and there is no guarantee that they put away the stimulation as planned. I figure the actual frac info will eventually get posted on SONRIS

Or on Frac Focus.


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