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On Kirk’s website, he claims they landed the zone in the wrong spot, drilled a short lateral, encountered faults in both the vertical and the horizontal well sections etc.  


I went to East Feliciana yesterday. Connoco has changed their drilling program. They are now drilling the block just north of the McKowen in their program. They obviously saw something that they liked in that area they are putting in the location near the prison and old state hospital on the outskirts of Jackson

I talked to some people I know and they said that Connoco was drilling an add on well in the block just north of Joe Mckowns. The landowner said they had spoken with him about where the location would be. Most of that block is State owned. Plus Joe Howell’s old place. I would imagine that if the McKowen was a dog that they would have let it go but there seems to be more interest in the area


What exactly is an add on well?  Also you noted north of Joe's, so are we talking between Johnny and Joe's houses.... 

The original program was three wells. They added a fourth about 15 miles East and now are doing preliminary work ona 5 th in the block of the Freeland field north of Joe McKowen well block

These two wells weren’t included in the original proposal. 

Understood about the two additional wells.  Just read Kirks blog (after seeing Jay's post above).  Kirk is very thorough in his evaluation, comparison to the early 2000's soil/rock data are similar, but what I find interesting is the double fault crossings.  Obviously the faults are present based on the known "encountered losses" and lost circulation material, to resolve issue.  I have not seen any new reports posted on SONRIS since 3/21 to show what's being removed since tubing install.  Are the assumptions of water permeability through these faults warranted? or how likely is it that the water initially pulled was heavy on frac water side? and Conoco is sitting on McKowen 1 until Hebert and Erwin are closer to being online.   This is all new to me so I apologize if these are newby questions. Thks

I am a old long gone oil field hand. I was once a production Forman for Getty Oil and worked chalk wells in Snook Texas right outside College Station. We didn’t do directional drilling then and fracks were a third the size they use now so my knowledge of this is old and out dated. My family is from the Feliciana and 99% of what I hear and see is rumors. I am first related pretty closely to the land owner of EOG’s well in Norwood and have some limited first hand knowledge.  


03/01/2019 052137 1 0 1006 1715 0 1006 EAST FELICIANA

Great that we now have the first posting and hard data point for this well. Now to do the "watch" - i.e. let's see what the monthly production numbers are and more importantly what the next production test numbers look like as to all factors (O&G, choke, pressure, water).

The "patience dance" begins - and it is a slow one!

What hard data?  Is there something new?


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