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He’s a broker. He has a bunch of acreage he’s trying to get leased on consignment. 

We know.  We've been down this road with Kirk and the previous TMS play.

In Conoco’s press release they state that the LA AC multi well exploration program continued thru the first quarter.  Period.


What would you think that means. 

That means they don't want to release up[dated production info on their initial well.  Take that however you want.  I don't have a dog in the fight.  


I wouldn't read into the press release too much as a company the size of Conoco never discusses the performance of one well in an earnings press release. These guys keep everything high level in this type of disclosure document.  However, I would recommend listening to the conference call today at 12:00 CT:

This is where the topic could discussed in more detail. In particular, during the Q&A session after the company's prepared remarks.

Lastly, the state of LA monthly production has a 3 month lag - meaning the McKowen well's first month of production will not be reported to the state until the end of June. Stay positive, the reality is the "public" probably will not know if this trend is good until the end of this year when several months of production will be posted on more than one well.

Typical public oil company "speak" - keeps the analysts at bay without saying anything.

As I have preached for a while, patience is the key here - it will take time to get results and then evaluate what they mean over time.

Would like to see another one in Pointe Coupee. They are dancing all around there.

Is there a discussion group following the Australis drilling program into the TMS in Mississippi?

Below is link to their recently issued results, which I believe are better than many expected --

The "Main Page", Shale Related Topics, represents about 1% of total GHS content.  There are many group pages including one for the TMS.  I'm about the only one who is posting there on a semi-regular basis but that is for lack of interest as demonstrated by others posting.  With a little work, I think it could get more attention and activity.

Looking like after four wells, Australis has two "better than type curve" TMS producers (6000'+ treated laterals) and two short laterals (due to mechanical issues) that are probably uneconomic. They appear to be continuing to confirm the mantra for the TMS, i.e. if you can keep drilling costs down while getting laterals drilled and completed, you will makes some decent wells.

But at what well cost?

Note that Australis is not putting out actual D&C costs and post completion economic info. A 50% success rate on drilling theoretical economic wells won't cut it at today's prices (or even $100 oil prices). 

According to Kirk Burrel they are starting flow back on the second Connoco well waiting to frack one and drilling ahead on the 4 th one. 


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