I am strongly considering building a fracking pond on my land in the pleasant hill area but I have a few questions. This will be a huge investment for me so I want to be sure that I am not taking a huge risk though I know that there are few guarantees in life and there is a certain risk with any investment. There is a lot of drilling activity going on and lots of permitted wells in the area.  My main questions are what is the range that a fracking pond can be utilized and how many wells would it take to get my investment back ($50-$100k).  I think That I have a great spot on my land that has a creek that I hope can be utilized for the water.  Do you guys know of an attorney or business that specializes in frac ponds or knows all the ins and outs of building one.  Any info would be great.

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CG I sent you a message.

CG it would be southwest of pleasant hill about 5 miles.  T 9N,  R 12W.

A frac pond is a commercial / industrial improvement to real property.  Technically the County can tax it as such.


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