Gas Production by individual well in units and cross-units. Any way to see it?

When we had one well in our unit, it was quite easy to check the SONRIS record and compare to the monthly statement,  Chesapeake actually inflated the SONRIS record for atmosphere and paid for the inflated volume.  Now that some genius designed the UNIT report, which in my case involves cross-unit reports for wells that travel through 2 and 3 units and may involve old, new, shut-in wells, etc. I no longer have that luxury.

Since all well reports on SONRIS are identical for wells within the units/cross-units.  We lose the ability to check if the reported volume on a royalty report is accurate or bogus.  I suspect the latter but can't prove it.  I think the operator should pay for the correct amount of gas produced and sold.

My question is:  Does anyone know how to find the by-well data by month?

So far I asked OILDEX.  The agent suggested I ask Chesapeake if I could have an account to view production records.  I did that and Chesapeake basically told me to go 'pound sand'.

I then found UPSTREAMDB.COM.  That site claims to have production records and has a two day free trial.  There is a couple of problems I see.  First, you can't log in until you supply a credit card, so you can't see how you would cancel your subscription before the two days were up.  Secondly, how do they get by-well production records and do they really have them?  How real-time are they?  Thirdly, you can't talk to anyone.  I fill out a contact sheet asking for a call, and I get an email reply asking 'what can we do for you'.

I found one more buried in the advertisements that supplied me with a link to SONRIS web site.  Thanks a lot! 

If you would like to take a gander at these , the wells involved are 239603 (sec 3 only may be shut in) 251107, 251108, 251109 (sec 3 &10), 251213 & 251214 (sec 10, 3, 14).

If you have ideas and wish to keep them private, you can also PM me.  I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.



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There are no "free" sources of individual monthly LA unit well production where more than one well is reported under a LUW Code.  There are a number of sources used by the industry... .but none are cheap.  You could always lobby for a change to the database with the OOC but that's a tough road.  I know, I've been down it.  Keep in mind that when SONRIS was set up in the late 1990's there was an existing rule requiring only one well per unit.  It was only when the Haynesville Shale Play forced the OOC's hand to allow multiple or alternate unit wells in a drilling unit that the database architecture became a problem for monthly per well production volumes.

Even the "paid" services are just allocating production based on well tests.  You can do the same with the info from Sonris but it wont be 100% accurate. 

I have cross unit wells and using my statements I just make sure they are paying me correct percentage based off total volume of the 960 acre unit



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