Does anyone have an idea about the going rate per rod for a pipeline easement in rural Harrison County or surrounding counties?


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How big of an easement?
All the way across a few hundred acres.
I mean, how wide? Is it for one pipe, or two?
One pipe, fifty feet wide.
Thats big ROW, is it all for a pernament ROW, or is it fifty feet during construction and reduced to smaller pernament ROW?
I assume this will be just during construction and then we will be able to negotiate it to 20-30 feet for the permanent ROW without many problems.
Make sure the original document states that.

Don't assume anything. A row agreement should spell out the temp. construction row, the permament row, and show it all on a detailed plat.

Make sure it includes rules for abandonment of the ROW should the use of the pipeline should end, double ditching, timber damage, proper depth, etc...

There have been some good discussions on this site, read those. don't be rushed a pipeline row will be there a long time and can effect your property in many ways.
That being said, I have no experiance with a fifty foot ROW,

I have seen smaller ROW's go for as much as $500/rod
Even for rural land?
For Farmland, but not to rural, like I said, I don't have much experiance with such large ROW's

If its an interstate pipeline though, you might be in a good spot.
Thanks. I appreciate your help, Baron.

Where? And how long ago?

Most in SW Shreveport have been offered $275 plus timber.


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