Haynesville :: S7 T15 R15 .... I hear your leases are expired ... are y'all being contacted with leasing offers?

Anyone on here in Section 7 of Township 15 Range 15?

I've heard through the grapevine that there's been no production in this section since 2018 and that any leases you had are expired.

Anyone know what's going on?

Are you guys getting lease offers? 

I'm asking because I'm in Section 6 and what happens in 7 may very well affect what happens in 6.



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Jeff, here is the status of Section 7 leases from Jay. Exco will have to spud a well prior to lease expirations or pay to extend the lease terms for an additional two years if their leases contain that option clause.

"Can you tell JeffN Paris that Section 7/15N/15W is primary term Exco with leases starting to roll this year if they did not have the 2 year kicker. Section 6 is HBP by CHK so no issues there."

Thanks Skip. Any idea how active Exco is right now?

Check my Main Page discussion for the rig report to see how many rigs Exco is running and where.  Since Exco has not as yet applied for a unit well field order, it could take some months before they could spud a well.  I'm not even sure Exco has formed a HA unit for that section.

Section 7 of 15N 15W may have a delayed Haynesville development for a number of reasons.  The original 640 acre unit holding well was CV and not HA.  It was a vertical well and went off production in 2018.  Exco, as holder of the HA rights then began trying to re lease the section and is now running of of time on the new leases.  I believe at least one of the mineral owners in the section also has some title issues.  Combine all of this with the fact that CHK controls the section to the north, Exco is in a bind here.  May be an opportunity for another operator to help out if Exco can not get to it in time.  Just my interpretation of the situation.  


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