I have talked to a few people in the oil & gas market and they feel that the Haynesville Shale has gone dry.

Is there anyone out there that can possibly shine some light on this.  I was hoping that things were going to start to pick up in the 2nd quarter 2013 but it doesn't look like it.

We have 4 business in the market and they are not running so good at negative cash flow and just wandering on when things might turn around.  Any info or insight would be helpful.

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The problem was too many operator drank the cool aid and though $10-14 Nat Gas prices would stay for decades. They got greedy and paid too much for the leases. People do not look at past history. When will we learn? The HA will be drilled out for gas has been found for demand will alway be there although may take several 100 year to deplete it

CHK is one company that is planning on bringing a few rigs back in 2014.  Nothing sooner though that I've heard of.

Mike---cheniere will export about 3.5 Bcfd and have already sign 10 & 20 year deals for about 2.5+  Overall, Cheniere has signed contracts to sell 16 million tonnes a year from four process units at Sabine Pass to customers including Gas Natural Fenosa, Korea Gas and GAIL (India). Cheniere has also agreed to sell 2 million tonnes a year to Total at a proposed fifth processing train at Sabine Pass They are close to deals for the 5th and 6th trains

Politics will rule, subject to cost, but this info seems new (at least to me):




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