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Hello Skip, No, I don't think the landman was holding that paper back for some maximum effect. I just think that neither side had done their homework fully before sitting down at the table. I fully understand HBP. Thanks for your input about what groups to join. In regards to the appropriate groups that has been taken care of. I needed to join more then just the E. Tx. County group because I have minerals in more areas of Texas. So fare I have found 13 counties. The newest find was in the EgleFord. For the specifics I have been looking at the Texas Rail Road's page. I thought this was the section where people were talking about the movie. "HAYNESVILLE the MOVIE PREMIERES IN MANSFIELD" If they titled this page wrong please let me know. I was saying that if they were going to make a second movie then maybe they should focus on some other issues besides just one little area, when it comes to leases and how big the shale area is.
Did anyone turn out to Mansfield to see this?
I estimate the Mansfield turnout was 100 to 110 people. It was well received and sponsors included Trent Siskon of Morgan Stanley, Sid Potts Inc, and Red River CNG. Tickets were free due to the sponsors.


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