I am in Caddo Parish, Section 24, T16N, R15W. It looks as though there is a well that might go in off Keith Road. How do I find out where my section lines are? Thanks for the help.

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With the low lease rate that I originally received, the fact that there are wells all around my section and our section has not even been unitized, the offer from another company to pay for a portion of my leasing rights seems more and more favorable. Has anyone else received and/or taken such an offer? Good/Bad??

There are a LOT of scams and ripoffs from people offering to buy your leasing rights, future royalties, etc.

There can be legal trickery, such as deceiving you on the amount of money you'll receive. There can be scams where you give up more than you are led to believe. There can be frankly dishonest terms in the fine print.

An offer may also be legit, except the prices may be much less than a reasonable offer given the likely production from the well.

There is a "right" price for such an offer, and reasonable terms for such an offer, so the idea of such an offer is not wrong. Think of it as the stereotypical used car salesman, but 10 times worse.

photo centered on section 24
yellow lines = township lines, pink lines= section lines
how can i locate a plat map like the one above for 161030, elm grove field?
thank you
161030 elm grove, la
Go to SONRIS, use the "GIS access"
here is one from google earth

kkep in mid that the actual boundies displayed may not be accurate, my s-t-r in google earth gets a little funny around water bodies
I thought all sections in T16N had been unitized. Am I wrong?
not in 10W yet. last count I have is 27 sections unitized.

Sorry, I meant T16N R15W.


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