As Memorial Day weekend approaches I think it appropriate that we all take a minute and remember our fallen heros of all generations. It especially hits home as we are burying two local heroes this weekend and coming week. SPC Josh Tomlinson of Dubberly who was killed in Afgahnistan last week and Major Wayne Culver of El Dorado Ark and assigned to the 2/108th CAV at Fort Humbug here in Shreveport who was killed in Iraq on Monday.
I didn't know Spc Tomlinson, but, I've known Wayne for several years as my son is in his unit and was with him on his first deployment in 2004/2005 and was with him this time also in southern Iraq. I also worked with Wayne's brother Sgt Shane Culver of the Bossier City PD for many years.
No matter how you feel about the middle east conflict, please keep all of our men and women in your prayers and on Monday, in between hot dogs off the grill, take a minute to remember all of our fallen heroes past and present.
May God Bless both of them and their families. They are in our hearts and prayers.

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A great big thank you to all the military men and women and to their families (past, present, and future) who have served and are serving this great country. Your sacrifices do not go unnoteced and you are appreciated more than you know.
A special thank you goes out to my husband, David, who graduated from West Point (United States Military Academy) and who served his tours of duty in South Korea, Germany, Fort Hood, Texas, and other bases in the United States.
Another special thank you goes out to my son, Matthew, who has served (United States Air Force) in
Iraq (2 tours of duty), and Kuwait. He is now serving a tour of duty in South Korea.

My love and prayers go out to ALL Veterans!
Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

"little ole 1st grade teacher", Tears, joy, hope, thanks to all who served and their families for the commitment they made to our way of life. I was a peace time soldier, but know and appericate what those in the military and their families gave us.. GOD BLESS THE USA.

Gale Bagley

I just returned from Sgt. Tomlinson's funeral yesterday. His father, Carl Tomlinson, is a very dear friend of mine. My daughter Adrienne is also very close friend of Carl's and was really close to Joshua and was influential in his joining the Army. Joshua was a fantastic young man. He is truly a hero.

I spent a week down there prior to the funeral and got to know all the military personnel who were sent to accompany Josh, counsel family members, make funeral arrangements, etc. Never have I seen such a group which was so compassionate, and devoted to their duty. They gave Josh a beautiful and touching service with full military funeral. It was so impressive and should serve to make us all proud.

Today I attended Memorial Day services at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona which is about 3 miles from my house. I customarily attend this each year when I am in town. This cemetery opened in 1970 with room for 200,000 graves and is filling at an ever growing rate. The services were great and were highlighted by a speech by our Governor.

I hope all of you had a good Memorial Day and thought about those to whom we owe our freedom in this great land.

God Bless All

Aubrey Sanders


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