In Sabine Parish, Has Anyone Heard That S27,T9n, R14w may be Forced To Pool

I received a letter the other day offering a ridiculous amount per acre---
when i called the man he said he was offering that just to give alittle
something before being forced to pool. This was the first letter i received
and 2 days later received the same identical letter again from the same person-
--A Broker---I was wanting to know if other people may have heard anything
about the pooling in this area-any information would be appreciated

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Tell him to take a hike, DESOTO. Section 27 9N - 14W was included in a Haynesville Drilling & Production Unit to Eagle Oil & Gas April 7, 2009. There is no Haynesville well permit for the section at this time. Any landman or broker who attempts to use Force Pooling as a lever in their negotiations with a mineral owner is depending on your lack of knowledge leading to you thinking that it is a bad thing. It is not. And they are using scare tactics. Force pooling means that your mineral acres included with the boundaries of an approved drilling unit will be paid their proportional percentage of production. You Can Not Be Left Out. You do have the choice to participate as a leased or unleased interest. These are issues that have been discussed endlessly on GHS so I will not go into further details here. However you may go to the archives and search for discussions using key words, Forced Pool(ing).
Skip, thanks for your reply and information---i think he realized that i did not much like his
approach- thanks again!



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