From what we are hearing, it looks like the AC activity in Avoyelles is pretty dead. The Goudeau well, that is pretty near us seems to be petering out. Our three year lease, on our property near Evergreen, expires in November and thus far no word on renewal. The 3D seismic project hasn’t started in our area, although I did get a call last week from the fellow who is seems to be front man for the project, asking about who to contact about crops on the property. He told me that it would be after the first of the year before they started, probably some of which is tied to waiting until all the crops are out.

anyone have any further info about Avoyelles AC activity or plans?

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Rumor has it the 3D shoot will get started in next couple of months, completed by spring 2020.  Review and analysis not expected to be completed and available to operators til fall 2020!  Patience needed as lease options hopefully will be exercised.  Hope that helps. 

I am right there with you in the top NW corner of 3D shoot.   You may find the attached map & public notice helpful.

Appreciate the info. Lisa, I can’t see the map and public notice on my IPhone. May need to look for it on my computer.

you can also go to Amelia Resources on the CGG and Fairfield Geo Join Forces on Large Waz.   Course I am in Rapides Parish, but this covers both parishes

Great map Lisa. I barely made the cut. Thanks for posting

lisa there is quite a difference in sq. mile coverage,  1766 vs 578 in the map you posted as compared to the latest news report posted on Kirks blog site.   Not sure which is correct but interesting none the less.

I am not sure either.   One could be the Marathon additional acreage that Amelia's map shows.  Also on Sonris GIS the permit was issued to a SAExploration not CGG or Fairfield Geotech.   And there is very little info available.

Well I am just outside to NW.  But if you look at the Amelia Resources map of it, it show 3D block and Marathon Acreage which is just outside.

Thanks everyone for the info. It looks like from the map, we are right near the center, between Bunkie and Evergreen. AFA the times, it looks like what @hydrocarbonite stated is pretty close to what I got from the guy who is the landowner liaison. He told me that it looked like early spring 2020 before they shot our area. Interestingly, one of our family members who is in a hunting lease (5000 acres) in St Landry parish told us that the hunting lease was “shot” last winter. He said that there was flagging everywhere. Not sure if this is part of the same project, but he thought it was.

Arthur Person

Our lease expired in November 2019. It was not renewed. Our attorney from Bunkie told us that someone else( not the company we leased to) was picking up some leases in the area. Ours has not been one of them. We were paid a couple of months ago for the 3D seismic, not sure if they have shot our area or not. Sort of looks like the interest has waned in our area. Of course oil hovering around 50. Dollars a barrel doesn’t help!!

Currently looks like it. A lot of looking in that area now they are looking elsewhere. 


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