Is there any interest in knowing the total daily flow rate of the well site vent flare?

I believe that there will come the day when environmental agencies like the EPA and state agencies will mandate reporting of vent flare gas at well head sites.  Think about it, there are thousands of wellhead flares throughout the USA in the shale areas like Marcellus, Bakken, Eagle Ford, etc.  The VOC's exiting those flares are not what you would call negligible in toxicity levels, and the time will come soon that the flares will require a flow rate measurement at the inlet to the flares and after the knockout drums. 

My question is, who sees this regulation coming, or who has seen this regulation already happening in their area?

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Jerry, as far as the mineral owners with whom I deal the environmental angle wouldn't be of much interest to the majority.  Now as flared gas relates to production not paid through royalties, every mineral lessor would be in favor of that.  I know a few savvy mineral owners that would likely require measurement of and payment for flared gas in their custom lease agreements with your company's device.  The average mineral owner wouldn't have the clout but those with large holdings and experienced managers might be quite interested.  I work the Ark-La-Tex region.  There is no legislation pending on the subject here and I doubt there ever would be in the Louisiana legislature.

Would you be able to find out for me if any of these savvy mineral owners or managers would be interested in allowing me to discuss with them a possible unit for their wellhead flare and installing it for data gathering?

Jerry, solicitation in open discussion threads is in violation of the site rules without permission from Keith.  You are allowed to place information regarding your company and services on your personal page. 

OK, sorry.  I'll post some information on the personal page and then hopefully these interested parties may see it.

Keith has multiple websites as you may know.  I suggest you explore the possibility of advertising on one or more.


Thank you sir.  We'll look at advertising our solution, but it helps to acquire some names of interested people to go a lot further with.

Google Earth has some stunning images of flares. I think there was a thread about it here in either the Eagle Ford or Bakken areas. Someone posted the Google Earth pictures and they were very dramatic.


   Flare gas is measured at thousands of well sites all over Texas and Louisiana. 

Thank you for the response "checkmateking".  Is it measured by a flow meter at the inlet to the vent gas flare stack or calculations?  We have a solution in the south Texas area with a large oil & gas exploration company with a cost effective package that is a flow meter, solar panel, batteries, wireless RTU, and some other ancillary equipment that provides an instantaneous flow rate as well as a totalized daily flow rate on a 24 hour basis with programmability at any given 24 hour period.  Is this something that might be appealing to wellhead site owners and operators?

It would seem as though companies that are flaring millions of feet of gas would be interested in monetizing the gas by utilizing GTL technology but few are. Probably wont until mandated by the authorities. It just kills me to flare any gas. Unimaginable amount of energy wasted.


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